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What Do You Want to Achieve?

Via office visits, phone or Skype calls, we can assist you with the following:


  • Increasing personal resilience to handle challenges more effectively;
  • Post traumatic stress disorder and releasing old disappointments, betrayals, traumas and difficult experiences; 
  • Preparation for surgery and post-operative recovery, especially for Highly Sensitive people facing medication and surgery):
  • Help with quitting smoking or reduce alcohol, sugar, workaholic or other addictions; 
  • Achieving healthy Work-Life Balance; overcoming overwhelm;
  • Overcoming fears, anxiety and phobias;
  • Respectful support for for Highly Sensitive people; 
  • Burnout prevention; 
  • Designing your new self care plan;
  • Finding your life's purpose and preparing for what is "next" in your life; 
  • Co-creating a new Life Plan for you, based on your goals, and all the support you need to implement your Life Plan. 


To schedule a phone appointment  1-800-347-00381-800-347-0038 or email: eemerson@evergreenlifedesign.com.  



Ready to Schedule a Session?

Email: Info@Resiliencemedia.org

Tele-mentoring phone or Skype sessions are also available for any location in the world. To schedule a session, email: ElizabethEmerson@ResilienceMedia.org

No risk, no commitment! Free 15 minute consultation.

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