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Feedback from our clients: our proven track record

Thank you, Elizabeth and Dr. Tsoukalas, for helping me overcome my stress. The audio file you sent and the breathing exercises you taught me made a huge difference, starting the day after I saw you. It has been two months now and I no longer crave alcohol. Dominic (single father of two).

My daugher is much more peaceful and her nightmares stopped after you helped her stop watching horror movies with her friends and learn to breathe and meditate. She turns her new happy lamp on each morning and does her affirmations and sets her intentions for the day. She no longer threatens to take her life and she is off all medications. Thanks for giving her a happy new life!  Gloria (mother of 12 year old daughter).

Just wanted to let you know that I got a new research position after you helped me release all the trauma I experienced at my old job. I am having a much more positive experience at work now. James (researcher)

I will be forever grateful to you for how you helped me leave an abusive marriage and navigate a challenging divorce. Because of your social work and coaching skills, I have custody of the kids, I saved my home from foreclosure, and best of all I have my peace of mind and freedom now. You are my angel and I never could have gone through all that without your always patient and kind help.  Cynthia (Caregiver for home health agency) 

Thank you for helping me get off cigarettes naturally, without having to use chemicals. I have been smoke-free for over a year and no longer have cravings for nicotine. When stress happens, I do the heart breathing meditation you taught me and use the teas you recommended. It all worked! Carol (executive director of a non-profit organization)

Just a note to thank you for helping me release my anxiety and make the changes I needed to make. You gave me the extra push to move forward. I finally faced my fears and I feel a new freedom and have learned to take care of myself in a high stress hospital environment. David (Physician)

I just wanted to let you know how much you reduced my anxiety before my gall bladder surgery. I experienced much less pain as a result of your coaching on how to work with my medical team. Your guided meditation over the phone wiped out my anxiety. Your support after the surgery to help me create a self guided retreat while recovering while taking care of myself in the most healing manner, made recovery a breeze. I am back at work, renewed and refreshed! Deborah. (government department manager) 

Elizabeth, thanks to you and Theo, all my financial stress is no longer keeping me awake at night. I sleep so well that I wake up rested and refreshed with all the clarity and solutions I need to move forward. Gabriella (Small business owner)

Thanks for helping my teenager overcome her stress over her homework and friends. She no longer explodes at her siblings and friends. The Heart Math breathing and meditation you taught her gave her tools she desparately needed. She loved the video you made for her. She watches it on her I-Phone every morning before she goes to school as you had suggested. My cranky kid is now a happy kid again! Katherine (mother of three)

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