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Elizabeth Emerson has worked on five continents teaching public health and learning about cross cultural health practices. Through personal coaching, tele-coaching via skype, presentations at organizations (Lunch and Learn), audio and video technology, HeartMath Institute training and e-guides, she provides programs and services to bring global ancient, traditional and new cutting edge into the lives of people who want to make a difference and live their lives free of preventable suffering.


Elizabeth has worked as a social worker and in the disease prevention field for over 25 years, she feels that when individuals and communities learn personal resilience, everyone benefits. Elizabeth blends her intuitive skills with evidence based approaches as a certified, licensed Heart Math Facilitator, among other modalities. She specializes in assisting Highly Sensitive People of all ages, learn to utilize their senstivity to achieve a more peaceful joyful life.  She is also an educational film maker and designs guided meditation and mini-movies for her clients to help them sustain positive changes over time. 


She has written an e-book for Highly Sensitive People Can Prepare for Surgery and is currently working on a new e-guide called: Help Your Body Cope with Your Career. 



Dr. Tsoukalas (Theo) holds a certificate in Post Doctoral Health Policy Studies from the University of California’s School of Medicine, where he held a Research Fellowship and served as a Member of the Faculty.  Theo also served as a Member of the Faculty at the University of California’s School of Nursing where he pursued research in long-term care national and state policies. His studies have been published in national and international public health, long-term care, and disease prevention journals. Theo has provided technical and scientific support to decision making leaders and elected officials in several U.S. States, in Europe and the World Health Organization on a variety of public health policy issues and environmental protection policy issues.  He also trained delegations of public health leaders from East Asia.  He has provided technical, scientific support to elected officials on environmental and public health policies for over 20 years.  He is a licensed Institute of HeartMath Resilience Advantage™ Trainer and a certified Institute of HeartMath Personal Resilience™ Mentor. He is the Science Editor for the forthcoming e-guide by Elizabeth Emerson: “Help Your Body Cope with Your Career: Practical Work-Life Balance Tips.”

Theo cares deeply about the health and well being of people who are here to make a difference, and his passion is  making research findings accessible to them. In his spare time, he enjoys nature, photography and reading. 


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