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Welcome to Evergreen Life Design Coaching!


We warmly invite you to reach out to us to see how we can help you redesign your life so that you experience the peace, growth and serenity that is your birthright!


Our work is based on the Institute of Heart Math biofeedback technology and Advanced Resilience training.  Personal resilience development is the core component of our Life Coaching program since our goal is to provide you with life-long tools to help you use challenges as growth opportunities.


We use the term "evergreen" since evergreen trees are symbols of resilience, energy conservation and strength. These amazing trees never lose their leaves at once and they can easily survive both droughts and storms. We can learn much from these trees and our practice is based on helping you build personal resilience. If you are in a crisis or transition in your life, we can help you find the "gift in the gap." Or simply more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. 


We have had great success working with youth, young people, professionals, leaders and people from all walks of life and all ages, assisting in designing a new life free from anxiety, stress, addictions, self-sabotage, disappointments, overwhelm, fear, anger, resentment, insomnia, burnout and other preventable conditions. We can also help you hit the 'reset button' on your life so that you feel that you are doing what you came to Earth to accomplish.


During in-office visits or long distance phone or Skype coaching calls, we use a variety of evidence-based methods, technology tools and other modalities to accomplish the goal you set for yourself.


To schedule an appointment, email: Info@resiliencemedia.org 


We look forward to being of service,


Elizabeth Emerson, M.A.

Theo Tsoukalas, Ph.D.

Contact us for a consultation! Redesigning Your Life to Put Your Self Back into the Picture

Elizabeth Emerson, M.A., is a licensed, certified Heart Math Institute Life Coach, Author and Trainer offering phone telemontoring support or in-office appointments.  She also provides personalized  guided meditations as downloadable MP3 audio and/or video files for your phone, tablet, I- PAD , I-POD or computer. Her practice is based on  compassion, life experience as well as academic credentials and professional expertise.

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Email: Info@Resiliencemedia.org

Tele-mentoring phone or Skype sessions are also available for any location in the world. To schedule a session, email: ElizabethEmerson@ResilienceMedia.org

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